The opening of a grain terminal took place in the seaport of Ilyichevsk - GLC - Grand Logistics Company
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A grain terminal was opened in the seaport of Ilyichevsk

05 April 2016

On March 31, Risoil Terminal officially opened a grain terminal.

“In a port like Ilyichevsk, with its potential water area, berths and infrastructure, such projects should be implemented annually. As we know, JV Risoil Terminal plans to invest not only in ground infrastructure, but also in hydraulic engineering,” Deputy Infrastructure Minister Yury Vaskov emphasized.

Andrey Amelin, the chairman of SE USPA, also promised to contribute to the implementation of investment projects. As the head noted, the Administration of the Sea Ports of Ukraine, for its part, will help to start dredging the port water area up to 15 m by the end of the year.

At the end of the event, the guests solemnly cut the green ribbon and wished the green light to be present in business, in the economy and in the life of our country as a whole.

The company also plans to build a pier in the port water area, at the junction of berths No. 10 and 11, 300 meters long, with the ability to receive panamax-type vessels, with simultaneous loading of 3,000 tons of grain per hour

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