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Non-standard cargo is a type of cargo that, due to its overall dimensions and weight, cannot be transported in containers or closed trucks. These are mainly building metal structures, MAFs, agricultural machinery, drilling rigs, transformers, water transport (boats and yachts), turbines, machine tools, conveyors and other types of industrial equipment, the transportation of which requires the use of special equipment (autoplatforms, bulk carriers, ro-ro carriers, etc.).

Main types of non-standard cargo

Delivery of non-standard cargo requires an appropriate approach. Therefore, specialists from logistics companies such as Grand Logistics Company, despite their many years of experience, they approach such tasks on an individual basis. Classification of non-standard cargoes is carried out differently for different modes of transport. However, the main criteria are:

  • Dimensions;
  • Total weight;
  • configuration and form.

Delivery of non-standard cargo requires an integrated approach that includes several stages.

Process Specifics

In order to protect yourself as much as possible from the risks of non-standard cargo transportation, to prevent financial losses, you need to carefully approach the organization of this process, which has its own characteristics and nuances. It is best to entrust this to a reliable and proven company that has been providing services in this field of activity for a long time. Thanks to a thorough study of the regulatory framework and requirements of industry documents governing the transportation of oversized cargo by various modes of transport (road, rail, air, water), specialists of freight transport enterprises can develop the most suitable route in terms of time and price. Optimization of this process includes the following activities.

  1. Choosing the best delivery method. It is carried out taking into account the nature of the product to be transported, its size and weight, the presence of special conditions and the characteristics of the location of the point of departure and the point of delivery.
  2. Vehicle selection. Depends on the selected transportation option and the characteristics of the goods.
  3. Route development. It doesn't have to be the shortest path. Here it is important to take into account economy, the state of transport routes, the possibility of reloading (if necessary or if a combined method of cargo transportation is used), as well as the possibility of ensuring maximum safety of movement and safety of products.
  4. Elaboration of methods of mounting and securing cargo. Be sure to take into account the possibility of using special lifting equipment, as well as the necessary equipment and tools.
  5. Preparation and execution of a package of documentation. Depending on the selected delivery option, it may include - an application for the transportation of oversized cargo, a technical justification for the possibility of implementation, coordination with the carrier, a service agreement, a bill of lading, and others.
  6. Determining the timing of cargo transportation. It is carried out taking into account all factors and analysis of unforeseen situations.
  7. Final calculation of the cost of delivery of non-standard goods in Ukraine.

Issue price

Managers of large logistics companies, when calculating the price for transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, take into account a number of important factors:

  • The nature of the cargo, its dimensions, volume, shape, features;
  • The degree of complexity of the task;
  • Total distance;
  • How will loading and unloading be carried out;
  • Types and quantity of special equipment that will be involved in the process;
  • There are special conditions and requirements.

As many years of experience in providing services in this field of activity shows, it is very difficult for non-professionals to organize the process of transporting such goods. Therefore, the best solution would be to contact a reliable logistics company, where one of the main activities is the transportation of non-standard cargo in Ukraine and beyond. The advantages of this choice are:

  • Availability of a large and diverse fleet of trucks;
  • Partnerships with carriers and equipment owners from other regions;
  • Extensive experience and well-established schemes of interaction;
  • Staff of qualified employees;
  • Extensive experience in this market segment;
  • Individual approach to solving new projects;
  • Balanced pricing policy;
  • Optimization of all stages;
  • Knowledge of the regulatory framework and all the subtleties and nuances of the process;
  • Providing a full range of services.

Cooperation with a reliable transport company is a guarantee of 100% results in the optimal time and at affordable prices, regardless of the complexity of the tasks.


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