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The efficiency of doing business depends on many factors and logistics is one of them. This is especially true if business activity involves the import/export of products. For example, delivery of goods from Europe It can take a day or two and is quite expensive, but you can wait a few weeks and save a fair amount of money. Therefore, choosing the most suitable freight transportation methods is always relevant, especially since it has its own nuances and subtleties.

Features of cargo transportation to and from Europe

Grand Logistics Company is the largest logistics company that provides a full range of freight forwarding services and has been working in this field of activity since 2007. During this time, specialists GLC learned to find the most beneficial solutions for the client and carry out cargo transportation from Europe in the shortest possible time and 100% guarantee its integrity and safety.

Transportation of goods from European countries and in the opposite direction is mainly carried out in 4 ways.

  1. By car.
  2. air delivery.
  3. By water transport.
  4. Multimodal cargo transportation to Europe and back.

Each of these options has its own characteristics, pros and cons. Therefore, the company’s specialists are always ready to help their clients choose the best delivery option. In this case, many factors must be taken into account:

  • The nature of the cargo;
  • Exporter/importer country;
  • Volume and weight of transported products;
  • Availability of special conditions;
  • Urgency.

It should also be taken into account that most of the cargo from European countries such as Italy, France, Hungary and some others passes through consolidation warehouse centers located in Germany. Then they are transported to the recipient by road or air. The Netherlands and Finland accept goods for further delivery of cargo from Europe by sea to the port of Odessa.

What determines the cost of cargo transportation from European countries?

Among the key factors that influence the final price of cargo delivery to Europe from Ukraine and in the opposite direction are reliability, availability, guarantee of cargo safety, additional services (for example, customs clearance). It is also important to take into account that international cargo transportation is clearly regulated by the legislation in force in the EU countries. Therefore, companies with the appropriate license can carry out such activities.

Logisticians Grand Logistics Company, thanks to extensive experience in practical activities, as well as an automated system for processing technological processes, they ensure a quick calculation of the optimal method and route of delivery, as well as the most efficient delivery of vehicles to the loading site. When drawing up a route, its flexibility and the possibility of passing cargo transportation or delivery of groupage cargo are also taken into account, which significantly reduces the final cost of cargo transportation across Europe.

Air delivery is mainly used when you need to receive cargo urgently. Most often these are important documents, medications, and medical products. This method is the fastest and at the same time the most expensive.

Sea freight, on the contrary, is considered the most economical option, the safest and most reliable, and makes it possible to transport large volumes of cargo. The disadvantages include longer delivery times, dependence on the season and limited states with which such transport links are possible.

Cargo transportation from Europe by road is the most common and popular. This is explained by the affordable cost, a large selection of trucks that allow you to transport various types of cargo, from standard ones, packed on Euro pallets, to especially valuable, oversized, and dangerous ones. For this purpose, Eurotrucks, platforms, car transporters, tanks, container ships, refrigerators, tractors and others are used.

This method is considered the most universal, since a truck can deliver products to almost any city or town where other vehicles are not available, plus a well-developed infrastructure, especially for European roads. And in some cases, cargo transportation to Europe by road takes less time than by plane. This is explained by the fact that there is no clear link to the schedule, and you can hit the road immediately after downloading and completing the documentation. In addition, there is no need to reload the goods several times, and door-to-door delivery is possible.

The company’s logisticians will always help you choose the most suitable method of cargo transportation to Europe and back, both in terms of time and cost. GLC. It's reliable, fast, safe and profitable.


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