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In Ukraine, with the outbreak of hostilities on the part of the Russian Federation, there was a need for the removal of industrial equipment from zones where hostilities were taking place and its further evacuation to safer areas. This process is new for freight transport companies and requires a special approach, as it is associated with many risks, and first of all for the life and health of people. Therefore, the removal of industrial equipment from combat areas must be trusted to reliable logistics companies, whose employees are ready to organize all stages of this process on a turnkey basis. One of the leaders in this area is the Grand Logistics Company, which has been successfully operating in the field of domestic and international cargo transportation since 2007.


How industrial equipment is removed from combat zones


GLC employees have extensive experience in organizing transportation of industrial enterprises, banks, shops, offices, restaurants, medical centers in different regions of Ukraine and abroad. But martial law dictates its own conditions, since all work here must be carried out as quickly as possible, and with unconditional compliance with all safety measures to preserve the life and health of personnel, as well as the property of a commercial or state enterprise.


To do this, you must perform the following steps:

  • Dismantle the equipment;
  • Pack securely in compliance with all norms and standards;
  • Select the right transport and possible delivery options (currently, rail and road transport are mainly used for the removal of industrial equipment);
  • Develop the safest routes (main and backup);
  • Load industrial equipment;
  • Deliver to your destination.


In addition, in order to remove industrial equipment from combat areas for its further transportation to the West of Ukraine, it is necessary to carefully select the timing of all work, in order to ensure safety, to correctly calculate the route so that there is the possibility of refueling or unhindered reloading to another type of transport (for multimodal transportation). 


This requires clear interaction between all participants in the process, as well as coordination with local authorities of those areas of the districts to which industrial equipment is being transported from zones under the threat of artillery shelling, missile strikes, aerial bombing and other acts of military aggression from the Russian occupiers.

Advantages of cooperation with Grand Logistics Company

The management and all employees of the company take an active life position, and from the first days of the war they have been making every effort to bring the day of final victory over Russia closer, without any doubt in the success of the Ukrainian armed forces. Having extensive experience in successful work and an excellent understanding of all logistics processes, GLC specialists are ready to solve the most complex problems in the shortest possible time in order to reduce enterprise downtime to a minimum.

In most cases, transportation of industrial equipment is carried out using open platforms and flatbed semi-trailers, Eurotrucks, automatic couplers, container ships, Jumbo and some other types of vehicles

The company’s highly qualified employees, a large private fleet of trucks and special equipment, partnerships with other large freight transport companies and private carriers, well-developed and established interaction schemes, a wide range of additional services aimed at optimizing cargo transportation, plus an individual approach to solving each new task are key advantages of cooperation with Grand Logistics Company. Removal of industrial equipment from combat areas and its further evacuation to safer regions with GLC is a minimization of all risks, a guarantee of compliance with optimal deadlines, safety and security.


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