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Any logistics company strives to improve the efficiency of cargo transportation. This involves more cost-effective use of own vehicles, improving the quality of services provided, reducing the cost of cargo delivery and reducing time periods. In practice, it is not always possible to realize all these conditions. Therefore, transport enterprises striving for their further development make every effort to find the optimal balance between the quality of services, time characteristics and cost.

Measures to improve the efficiency of domestic and international cargo transportation

To achieve maximum efficiency in this area of activity, a set of measures should be followed.

1. Selection of the most suitable route. However, it does not have to be short, especially if combined (multimodal) transportationwhen different types of vehicles are involved.

2. Correct execution of accompanying documents in full, and in accordance with current standards and requirements. As practice shows, it is often because of incorrect documentation that the process of transporting cargo is significantly delayed. This is especially critical when delivering products with a limited shelf life, medications, and medical supplies. 3. Selecting the optimal delivery and transport method. It is carried out taking into account the nature of the items or goods being transported, the total volume and weight, as well as the presence of special conditions (temperature conditions, sanitary and hygienic requirements, etc.) and the wishes of the customer. These are all general conditions for increasing the efficiency of this process. Here we should add the presence of our own fleet of vehicles, as well as partnerships with other carriers and truck owners.

Another important point is the high qualifications of all company employees, from managers and consultants to experienced drivers and forwarders. Therefore, large logistics companies such as Grand Logistics Company They try not to skimp on their staff. All this will allow you to create the optimal route based on all the nuances and wishes of the client. For example, this is loading/unloading associated cargo, processing of consolidated (group) orders, documentary support, assistance in selecting the most favorable insurance conditions, registration of customs declaration, foreign trade consulting and so on.

The main tasks of effective organization of cargo transportation

A properly organized cargo delivery process allows you to achieve the following results:

  • The fastest possible search for suitable transport;
  • Financial savings for the client and the logistics company;
  • The expansion of the customer base;
  • Finding a regular customer and establishing mutually beneficial partnerships;
  • Ensuring prompt contact with the cargo owner and recipient;
  • Optimization of vehicle loading;
  • Providing the most suitable conditions during the delivery process, taking into account the characteristics of the products being transported;
  • Reducing the time to complete an order.

All this affects the productivity and quality of work of the entire transport company. To this should be added a convenient and understandable interface of the logistics company’s website, its functionality and information content. It's good when you have the opportunity  calculate the estimated cost of cargo transportation in Ukraine or international, using an online calculator.

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