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Service residential relocation abroad has been in increasing demand in recent years. This is largely due to the improvement of business relations between Ukraine and many foreign countries, including those belonging to the European Union. Typically, such services are ordered when moving for permanent residence, long business trips, enrolling in studies, getting married, concluding a long-term employment contract, and so on. Transportation of personal belongings outside the country, the process is quite troublesome and costly. Therefore, it is better to count everything seven times and weigh whether it makes sense to bring used furniture and large equipment from Ukraine or to purchase all this already on the spot. Qualified specialists will help you understand all the nuances and intricacies of moving and delivering personal belongings abroad. Grand Logistics Companywho have extensive experience in this area and the necessary knowledge.

What are the features of transporting things abroad?

The specifics of this process are associated with the need to clearly know the norms and requirements of the current legislation of the country where you plan to enter, as well as through which delivery will be carried out. For example, documents must be drawn up in the language of the state with which the border will be crossed. A list of items and their quantity must be indicated. At the same time, you need to know what you can and cannot import into certain countries. Typically this list includes:

  • Food;
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Items of cultural heritage;
  • Weapon;
  • Flammable and explosive substances and some others.

In addition, you should know that the category of personal belongings when moving to Germany does not include commercial vehicles (trucks, buses and minibuses), professional tools, machinery and equipment intended for conducting business or providing services, alcohol and tobacco products.

Popular destinations

Most often, relocation is carried out by road. Company GLC has its own fleet of vehicles, and also actively cooperates with other transport organizations and private carriers. This makes it possible to select the most suitable type of truck for our customers. In this case, many factors are taken into account, ranging from the total volume and weight of transported items, the presence of large household appliances, as well as large and non-dismountable furniture items, glassware, mirrors, and so on.

Among the most common destinations to which the company’s clients most often order transportation services are the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, France, Poland, Italy, Spain and some others.

Main stages of the process

Before personal belongings are loaded, it is necessary to rewrite it into a declaration of a certain sample, indicating there the exact quantity of all items and determining the insured value. Then packaging is carried out, with labeling and the use of special containers and materials (cardboard boxes and crates, packaging paper and plastic film, tape and others).

Then the cargo is loaded and securely secured. This also has its own professional subtleties, thanks to which the integrity and safety of property is ensured. In particular, experts recommend loading large furniture and household appliances closer to the cabin, placing sheet furniture elements and mattresses along the sides, installing boxes and boxes with things as tightly as possible, with the heavier ones located at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top. Fragile and expensive items, such as compact electronic devices, may be stored in the truck cab. Particular attention should be paid to securing the load. To do this, you need to use ropes, special belts and elastic bands with hooks.

AT Grand Logistics Company you can not only order a suitable freight car for moving to Europe, but also a full range of related services, which includes:

  • General assessment of the scope of work;
  • Drawing up an estimate and signing a contract;
  • Selection of suitable transport;
  • Dismantling and packaging of furniture and personal belongings;
  • Preparation of documentation;
  • Supply of transport and its loading;
  • Transportation to the destination, with crossing the border and going through the customs clearance procedure;
  • Delivery and unloading of personal belongings;
  • Unpacking and installation on site.


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