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City transportation is one of the most common and in-demand services, and the market in this segment is constantly developing. Currently in Kiev and in the Kyiv region, there are many large logistics companies with extensive experience and a wide geography of their activities, but there are even more small and new organizations that provide transport services, plus private carriers. All this introduces some uncertainty, especially in the sphere of pricing, as well as the quality of the services provided. Therefore, specialists Grand Logistics Company decided to make a short survey of the market and draw the attention of potential customers to what points should be paid attention first of all.

Who orders transportation around the city

Most often, this type of service is ordered by small commercial enterprises, shops, production workshops, service stations, and service centers that do not have their own fleet of trucks. Another category is private individuals who need to transport personal belongings, for example, at an apartment, home or country house moving.

Most clients, before contacting a particular transport company or a private carrier, pay attention to the specified price, which can vary significantly. Here it is important to understand that different companies and private cargo carriers use different pricing schemes. Some indicate the price for the time of renting the vehicle, others for the volume of transported cargo and mileage, and others for the full range of services.

In any case, it is better to contact large companies

Cooperation with large and proven logistics companies is a guarantee of reliability, efficiency and safety. And if you take into account the possible risks that may arise when contacting a little-known organization or a private person, then such cooperation is also financially beneficial. It is explained by the following factors:

  • Services are provided with full documentation, including material liability and insurance of transported items;
  • Guarantee of fulfillment of the obligations assumed;
  • Complex approach;
  • Ability to pre-calculate the cost of transportation around the city;
  • You can always choose the most suitable type of vehicle and route;
  • A wide range of additional services that may be required when transporting oversized, particularly valuable or dangerous cargo (security, escort, forwarding).

It should be added here that a number of factors influence the formation of the price, starting from the volume and nature of the transported products, the presence of additional wishes or special conditions, and ending with the services of movers, packers, and furniture assemblers.

In practice, it often happens that the customer, trying to find the cheapest option in terms of price, ends up paying extra for the work of movers or intermediaries (especially relevant when you need to pick up special equipment). The option of loss or damage to property is not excluded. There may be an unfavorable confluence of circumstances, for example, an accident, weather conditions, and the cargo is not insured, improper packaging of fragile items, defective condition of the car, and so on. All these troubles can be avoided if you order cargo transportation around the city in a trusted and reliable company. It is one of the largest cargo carriers in Ukraine GLC, where you can order delivery of almost any product, not only around the city, but also to most countries of the world.




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