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Cargo transportation Poltava

Grand Logistics Company – a company operating in the field of logistics in the transport services market of Ukraine for more than 13 years. Poltava is a center of entrepreneurship, where local residents carry out economic activities, construction, trade, and agriculture. In addition to business, machine-building production, food industry enterprises operate in the city, whose products need regular delivery to neighboring regions of Kharkiv or Sumy regions. Economic cooperation has also been established with other regions of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, so regular routes and cargo transportation in Poltava are necessary.

Poltava - cargo transportation in long-distance and international communications

The city is located in the Eastern part of Ukraine and has road and rail links with different regions. Depending on the proposed cargo, the company Grand Logistics Company offers an effective route development that will save time, customer fuel, reduce the budget of transportation costs and reduce the cost of goods.

The cost of cargo transportation in Poltava

Cargo quantityDimensions and weightTransportation price
     1 - Euro pallet800×1200
up to 1500kg.
Calculate the cost
     2 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     5 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
    10 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     15 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     20 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     33 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     Cargo on non-standard pallets-Calculate the cost
     Bulk cargo-Calculate the cost
     Cargo in big bags95x95x160
up to 1500kg.
Calculate the cost
     Oversized cargoup to 250tonCalculate the cost

Why do customers choose Grand Logistics Company?

Clients who produce goods in Poltava, cargo transportation from the company GLC guarantee reliable conscientious carriers, cargo safety and other benefits:

  1. Documentary support throughout the entire route until the delivery of goods to the consignee.
  2. Prompt provision of transport for loading, the use of effective PRR schemes, a guarantee of respect for fragile and valuable goods.
  3. Thanks to the organization of transportation in groupage lots in containers, the cost of transportation is reduced.
  4. Ensuring safe delivery conditions, organizing temporary storage until reloading to another mode of transport when using a multimodal transportation scheme.
  5. The client monitors the movement of the cargo in real time using the tracking code.

Managers of the Grand Logistics Company offer cost-effective cargo transportation from Poltava, the prices for which are available to wholesalers, entrepreneurs and other business entities in the region. We transport any type of cargo, individually draw up a route, adjusting to certain conditions of transportation of a particular type of goods, products. We save the customer's money, act solely in his interests, helping to deliver the goods to the appointed point.

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