Bulk cargo transportation from Grand Logistics Company
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Bulk cargo transportation

Delivery of bulk cargoes of agricultural / technical and industrial nature

Grain carrier services: transportation of grain in Ukraine

Services of grain carriers. We collect the harvest directly from the field! We will help to transport sugar beets, oilseeds, grain from the field to storage, we run throughout Ukraine. We work at favorable rates, we include the services of an experienced driver in the price!

• The rental price includes driver services.

• All transport is serviceable and ready for work

• In the presence of equipment with a carrying capacity of up to 40 tons.

• We have the best prices, as we work without intermediaries.

Geography of work

Our equipment works within the whole Ukraine.
Full readiness. We accept all orders and are always ready to get to work.

Experienced Staff

Only drivers with more than 10 years of practical experience are driving cars.

A responsibility

We are fully responsible for your cargo for the period of stay in transit.

Quality assurance

We transport quickly, we bring everything, we always arrive at the agreed time.

Range of services

We transport cereals, oilseeds, sugar beets and other agricultural crops.
Transportation of agricultural cargo is one of our key areas. When you need to transport cargo, and your company does not have a suitable vehicle or it is busy with other important work, you should not waste precious minutes and spend them looking for a carrier. We know how to solve your problem. You can conclude a contract for a one-time or regular delivery of any type of crops: cereals, oilseeds, fodder, sugar beets, etc. For a competent organization of transportation, you need to get: Information about the cargo being transported. Information about the weight of the goods, its volume and dimensions, the number of packages and their dimensions.

Conditions for the carriage of goods.

It is necessary to take into account the temperature regime of transportation. To move dangerous goods, you must obtain a special permit for this transportation. Place of loading and unloading of goods. You need to know the location of warehouses, where the goods need to be picked up and the point of unloading. Loading / unloading methods matter. Transportation must be carried out taking into account all the above nuances. After agreeing on the details of transportation, you should conclude an appropriate contract and proceed to its implementation.

A simple and effective solution to any problem! 

It is possible to attract additional vehicles of the partner network for especially large orders. In total, we are ready to provide more than 50 cars!

Victoria Borsuk, head of forwarding department of Grand Logistics Company.
Find out the cost of transportation!

Customs brokerage services

Our company offers customs brokerage services at the best prices. Our specialists are well aware of the legislation related to customs control, cargo clearance, and transportation. We will prepare the documents, make sure that your cargo passes customs without fines, delays and other problems.

Why do you need a customs broker?

Registration and legal support of cargoes requires good knowledge of a certain area of legislation, most often not only Ukrainian, but also foreign. In case of non-compliance with the norms, the cargo may be confiscated, detained, the owner of the goods may be fined, and other problems arise: for example, if the goods fall into risks, a review will be assigned. The latter, as a rule, is a regular procedure, but it takes enough time, you need to be present at the examination, etc.

A customs broker is needed so that these problems do not arise. He will prepare and provide all the necessary documents, obtain permits, submit declarations. In other words, customs brokerage services are necessary to represent the interests of the cargo holder and legal support of the goods.

What does a broker do?

The main service of a customs broker is the customs clearance of goods carried out in the country to which the goods were delivered as a final destination. We will help you complete this procedure as soon as possible with minimal risks. Our specialists perform the following types of work:

  • Determination of the product code: for this, the classifications of the TN VED CU are applied.
  • Drawing up and submission of the customs declaration.
  • Participation in reviews.
  • Providing additional information about the cargo for the customs authority.

What is the cost of services?

The cost of broker services depends on the type and size of cargo, the size of deliveries. We have the most favorable prices, we work without intermediaries, we meet the needs of our customers, offering favorable conditions.

Our advantages

If you need a legally competent, experienced broker, please contact our company. We have the following benefits for you:

  • The most favorable prices and convenient conditions can be discussed individually.
  • Discounts, individual approach to each client, the ability to adjust the terms of the transaction.
  • Prompt execution of any task related to customs clearance.
  • Professional advice, drawing up a declaration without errors, correct adjustment of the cost.
  • Full cargo escort, provision of containers for its transportation.
  • No hidden fees: we name the cost of the declaration immediately, the price will not change further.
  • Our experts can study your documents in advance, consult before you submit a declaration.

Turning to us, you do not have to deal with the clearance of your cargo yourself. Our brokers will quickly, efficiently and at affordable prices clear your goods. We provide a guarantee of the quality of our work.

Other services of our company

Rent of Special equipment in Ukraine.

Rent of special equipment

The GLC company leases special equipment for any period: from one work shift to perform one-time work to several months or years. During the contract for the rental and services of special equipment, you will be guaranteed the entire technical service for the rented equipment.

Customs brokerage services

Customs brokerage services

The customs representative of Grand Logistics Company is a team of qualified professionals who have formed and established themselves as a reliable partner in the provision of customs brokerage services. Customs services provided by Grand Logistics Company have a number of competitive advantages.


Cooperation with carriers

On a permanent or temporary basis, we are open to cooperation with truck owners. We load vehicles in all regional centers and regional centers.

Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance

Grand Logistics Company offers high-quality and affordable cargo insurance during transportation to anywhere in the world. Prompt settlement of an insured event, many years of experience in the market and, as a result, customer confidence.

About the transportation of bulk cargo

Grand Logistics Company offers bulk cargo transportation services with its own vehicles. Experienced drivers will take care of loading, unloading and transportation without loss or damage. We will independently develop a route, select vehicles of the required capacity and carrying capacity, fill in the necessary accompanying documents. Transportation of bulk cargo is carried out in Ukraine, as well as to neighboring countries, Europe. We have a permit for domestic and international transportation, which will allow us to deliver just in time in accordance with approved standards.

Bulk cargo transportation: features and rules

We select vehicles for the transportation of bulk cargo, taking into account their physical, chemical, biological characteristics. We accept for transportation the following types of bulk cargo:

  • Sand of any faction.
  • Building stone, crushed stone.
  • gravel masses.
  • Dry cement and building mixtures.
  • mineral fertilizers.
  • Peat and other mineral fertilizers.
  • Other types of construction, agricultural, industrial bulk cargo.

Trucking of bulk cargoes by our vehicles can be carried out:

  • In bags, containers.
  • In an open box.
  • In a covered box.

The choice of transportation method depends on the type of cargo, its fraction. So, bulk cargo can be granular, dusty, lumpy, which should be taken into account during loading and transportation in order to ensure safety during transportation.

Grand Logistics Company - reliable solutions

Transportation of bulk cargo by dump trucks is one of the most reliable and affordable modes of transportation. It allows you to provide:

  • Fast loading and unloading.
  • Delivery of a large volume of building materials or agricultural products.
  • Ensuring optimal delivery conditions without damage and loss of transported products.
  • Delivery along the main transport routes of Ukraine, which makes it possible to transport cargo in any given direction.

Choosing our company for the transportation of bulk cargo, you can be sure that we have:

  • Affordable prices for the transportation of bulk cargo. You can get acquainted with the tariffs in the calculator on the site.
  • Selection of vehicles from our own fleet. We take into account the type and specifics of the cargo, the established rules for its transportation.
  • Registration of accompanying documents required for domestic and / or international transportation.
  • Delivery monitoring at all stages of transportation.
  • Bulk cargo insurance against damage and loss.

We provide cargo transportation services to individuals and legal entities, and are also ready to help you with the transportation of international cargo with the involvement of partner logistics companies. For all delivery questions, please contact us by phone.

Reviews about the work of our company

 Торговый дом “ЛАКМАР”

LLC "Grand Logistic Company" has been our partner in the field of cargo transportation for 5 years. During this time, Grand Logistic Company LLC has shown its ability to approach the tasks set with full responsibility, to perform work efficiently and on time.

 TOV “Amkodor-Ukrspetsmash”

LLC "Grand Logistic Company" has been providing our company LLC "Amkodor-Ukrspetsmash" with cargo transportation services since 2011. Analyzing the results of joint activities, we can say with confidence that the principle of the company's work is based on the quality of services.


Рекомендательное письмо: Компания "Гранд Лоджистик Кампани" предоставляет услуги по транспортно-экспедиционному обслуживанию ООО "АЛЬТУРА" по Украине, СНГ, Европе в течение длительного периода. Мы успешно сотрудничаем в организации перевозок оборудования, опалубки, строительных лесов.


Рекомендательное письмо: Этим письмом руководство компании ООО "ХИМ ТОРГ" выражает благодарность ООО "Гранд Лоджистик Кампани" в лице генерального директора Гасюка В.З. за профессиональное исполнение обязательств в сфере транспортно-экспедиторских услуг.

 company "Biopreparat"

Компания ООО "Гранд Лоджистикс Кампани" предоставляет услуги по транспортно-экспедиционному обслуживанию с 2014 года. Мы успешно сотрудничаем в организации перевозок тостированной сои и семян сои и кукурузы.

 Telco Ukraine

ООО "Гранд Лоджистик Кампани" является нашим партнером в области организации грузоперевозок в течение 4 лет. За это время компания показала свою способность с полной ответственностью подходить к поставленным задачам, выполнять работы качественно и вовремя.

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