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Freight transportation by road train

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Road train to domestic and international freight transport from GLC

Freight transportation by road is one of the most common and popular methods of delivering various goods. This is explained by a number of advantages, ranging from the speed of order fulfillment and the ability to reach the most remote settlements, to the affordable cost and a large selection of vehicles for various types of products. Grand Logistics Company For a long time (since 2007) it has been specializing in organizing freight transportation in Ukraine and abroad. Over the years, the company's logisticians have developed their own interaction schemes with both clients and carriers, and have learned to select the most suitable type of transport and the optimal route. In particular, a road train (automatic coupler) is often used to transport large volumes of standard cargo, which saves time and personal finances for the client.

What is a road train, technical characteristics

This is a truck on one frame with a body plus a semi-trailer. Excellent for delivering large quantities of products packed on Euro pallets or half pallets. This type of transport is often used to organize combined (multimodal) transport.

List of main advantages

Freight transportation by road train has a number of important advantages. Here are the main ones:

  • Speed of loading and unloading operations;
  • The useful volume is quite large and can be up to 120 m3 (up to 33 euro pallets);
  • Allows the delivery of goods according to the “door to door” scheme;
  • The ability to combine with any other types of cargo transportation (sea, air, rail, combined, consolidated cargo, cargo);
  • Products can be delivered to the recipient without overload;
  • Tracking the location of the vehicle using a GPS tracker;
  • Large load capacity – up to 25 tons;
  • Flexibility of route planning;
  • Minimum geographical restrictions when compared with other modes of transport;
  • Efficiency of the process;
  • High level of security;
  • Democratic price.

Important - today, cargo transportation by road train is considered one of the most profitable and efficient options for delivering large volumes of goods over short and medium distances.


Like any other method, there are also disadvantages. First of all, this concerns the inability to transport long and oversized cargo. Secondly, it depends on the geographical location of the sender or recipient, season and weather conditions. In particular, there are settlements that cannot be reached in winter, late autumn and early spring.

Freight transportation by road train Grand Logistics Company

The company has a large fleet of vehicles, and also actively cooperates with many transport companies, private carriers and vehicle owners both in Ukraine and in many other countries on all continents. This allows you to organize the process of delivery of almost any cargo in the optimal time frame at affordable prices and 100% guarantee of integrity and safety. GLC specialists provide a wide range of additional services and take full responsibility for the transported products - insurance, on the most favorable terms for the customer, customs clearance, consulting with foreign trade activities, security and forwarding, full documentary support, in strict accordance with international rules and regulations . All this is aimed at ensuring that freight transportation by road train is as efficient and safe as possible.

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