Profitable business with China, USA or EU: customs clearance
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Profitable business with
China, USA or EU:
delivery and customs clearance



How to profitably deliver and clear the goods


Air delivery for individuals and legal entities in import mode


+ customs clearance of goods

We invite you to the webinar:

    1. Business owners


    1. Managers and employees of trading companies wishing to start cooperation with China, the US or the EU


    1. Managers of departments of foreign economic activity


    1. Heads of departments of purchases, foreign economic activity, logistics


As a result of listening to the webinar, you will receive: Basic skills and concepts in the implementation of air transportation, gain knowledge regarding dangerous goods, goods transported under temperature conditions, oversized cargo, find out what types of flights exist and a lot of other useful information.   Webinar program:

    1. What is air transportation.


    1. Types of air transportation.


    1. Documents required for air transportation.


    1. Data that is necessary for the calculation of air transportation.


    1. Types of customs clearance in the country of departure. How shipping terms can affect shipping costs.


    1. How profitable to clear imported goods in Ukraine.


    1. Answers to your questions.


  Import customs clearance:

    • Choosing the best way to deliver goods


    • Customs clearance of goods


    • Cargo delivery. Customs clearance. Certification.


    • Review of existing methods of cargo delivery. Choosing the most optimal way. How to choose the right carrier and by what criteria. Underwater rocks.



    1. Registration of a participant in foreign economic activity in the customs service. How does this happen?



    1. Documents for customs clearance of imports. How to arrange correctly?



    1. Goods classification. What is it for?



    1. Preferential duty rates. What is required to register goods at reduced duty rates?



    1. Preferences. Conditions for registration of goods on preferences!



    1. Certification of goods on the territory of Ukraine. What products need to be certified?