Invoice and Packing list, what is it? GLC - Grand Logistics Company
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Greetings, Friends!
Let's talk today about Invoice and Packing List

An invoice is an invoice, a commercial document that reflects a transaction between a buyer and a seller. Usually the Invoice contains the name of the goods, the quantity of each item and the price per unit and the total amount payable.
The date, number, names and details of the buyer and seller must be indicated.
If there are taxes, they are usually allocated separately.
Additionally, the terms of the transaction, terms and methods of payment and shipment may be indicated.
This is a very important document for international transportation, it wants to be seen and especially closely studied by customs. Often the speed of border customs clearance depends on the details specified in the Invoice. Therefore, the carrier first of all looks at how the Invoice is drawn up.

Packing list (Packing List) - it is very similar to an invoice and often a lot of information in these documents is duplicated, but in addition to data about the sender, recipient of the cargo, the name of the cargo, the weight characteristics of the cargo and packages, their volumes and information about how what and how the goods are packed.
The main difference from the invoice is the lack of information about the price of each item and the cargo as a whole.

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