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Unsafe cargo is a variety of substances that can pose a threat to human health or have a negative impact on the environment. This can be acids, barvniki, medical devices, batteries, fuel and other substances used in business or industry.

ADR classification of dangerous goods

Transportation of dangerous goods should be carried out by specialists with many years of experience, who know all the nuances and complexities of delivery of such goods. To determine the type of dangerous goods it is necessary to familiarize with its chemical, biological and physical properties presented in the specification. ADR dangerous goods can be:

1. Explosive components (Class 1);
2. Gases (Class 2);
3. Flammable liquids (Class 3);
4.1. Self-reactive substances (class 4.1);
4.2. Self-incendiary substances (class 4.2);
4.3. Flammable gases (Class 4.3);
5.1. Oxidizing products (class 5.1);
5.2. Organic hazardous substances (class 5.2);
6.1. Toxic components (class 6.1);
6.2. Infectious substances (class 6.2);
7. Radioactive elements (class 7);
8. Corrosive compounds (class 8)
9. Other hazardous substances (class 9).

The class number is not related to the hazardousness of the substance. Dangerous goods are given an appropriate code, thanks to which it is possible to determine their physical and chemical properties, as well as to assign them to a certain category.To simplify orientation, both alphabetic and numeric parts are used when compiling the code. The letter indicates the cargo group and the number indicates the nature of the substance's properties.

Dangerous goods signs for safe delivery

After understanding the codes, it is necessary to describe the signs of dangerous goods, which also serve for their labeling. Grand Logistics Company always treats its work responsibly, thanks to which customers can be sure that the cargo is safe and there are no additional costs in the delivery process. Dangerous goods ADR are supplemented with special signs, which are applied directly to the package containing the substances.

Identification of dangerous goods

A common method of cargo identification remains by UN number. For this purpose, a four-digit unique number is used, which is assigned to the cargo in the standard rules of the organization. If the number is not assigned, the cargo identification process will not be done properly, which will create serious difficulties in the cargo delivery process. Experienced carriers should also keep in mind that the UN identification number is not always sufficient to determine the type of dangerous goods.
It is also important to consider the use of synonyms and alternative names to avoid mistakes.

Regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods

Requirements depend on domestic or international transportation. Transportation of radioactive cargo is subject to radiation safety regulations. Road transportation can only be used if it complies with the requirements. Proper packaging and labeling must be used to ensure safety and compliance with all regulations.


Our company, Grand Logistics Company, specializes in the safe and secure transportation of dangerous goods. Contact us for consultation and transportation arrangements for your business. Our experts are always ready to help you with all your dangerous goods transportation needs.


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