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The specifics of the agricultural sector require professional knowledge, certain experience and special equipment. This applies not only to large enterprises of the agro-industrial complex, but also to small farms. Harvesting is a critical stage and must be carried out taking into account all standards and strictly on time. By contacting the company Grand Logistics Company, can be ordered grain truck services on the most favorable terms.

Features of renting special equipment for transporting crops

To transport grain, legumes, oilseeds, malt, and feed, a certain type of equipment is required. It is important to take into account that the need for its use appears periodically (seasonally), and not all types of large cargo vehicles can be used for such transportation. Therefore, many farmers and managers of agricultural enterprises consider it unprofitable to purchase grain trucks. This is due to the significant financial investment in their purchase, plus the need for storage and maintenance.

Taking into account the above factors, grain truck rental services are quite common and in demand in different regions of Ukraine. Company GLC has its own fleet of agricultural machinery, and is ready to provide it at a time convenient for the client and in any quantity.

What to consider when ordering services

Cargo transportation by grain trucks has its own characteristics. In particular, the equipment must be adapted to operation in harsh conditions and with high intensity. To avoid downtime, it must be in full working order. Therefore, you need to approach its choice very responsibly and take into account the following points:

  • Maximum load capacity - the most common vehicles are those capable of carrying 20, 30, 40 and 50 tons;
  • Body type - there are flatbeds (open, tented with a special hard roof), long-length, road trains, cisterns;
  • The method of unloading work is rear or side unloading.
In addition, experts recommend taking into account the distance over which the crop will be transported, the dimensions of the warehouse or elevator, how the work will be carried out to unload the machine, additional services of a loader are required, and whether it is possible to order a grain truck at night.

Advantages of cargo transportation by grain trucks with Grand Logistics Company

Long-term experience in the field of logistics allows the company’s specialists GLC, solve the most complex and extraordinary problems. Having a European license for international cargo transportation makes it possible to order a grain truck for transporting crops not only across Ukraine, but also to neighboring and non-CIS countries, including the EU.

Among the main advantages of cooperation with the company, the following factors can be identified: our own fleet of specialized agricultural machinery, which makes it possible to choose the most suitable option for the needs of your farm, extensive experience, 100% documentary support, efficiency and a convenient form for ordering services, availability of a license for international freight transportation, balanced pricing policy, guarantee of cargo safety and security, a wide range of additional services, professional support from qualified specialists.


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