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Trade and economic ties between Ukraine and European countries are constantly strengthening. The key partners of our country are - Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Czech and some other states. Trade turnover between countries is constantly increasing, and at the same time the demand for cargo transportation to Europe from Ukraine and in the opposite direction.

Features of transport logistics in EU countries

Transport links in European countries are very well developed and at a high level. Thanks to this, cargo delivery from Europe can be carried out by all types of transport, with the rare exception of countries that do not have access to the sea (14 in total). Moreover, only Liechtenstein borders on states that also do not have access to the World Ocean.

Thanks to a well-developed transport infrastructure, convenient access to European markets is provided. The following supplies are regularly made to Ukraine from Europe:

  • Industrial equipment;
  • Electronics;
  • Computer equipment;
  • Textile products;
  • food products;
  • Products of the engineering industry;
  • Medical supplies and pharmaceuticals;
  • Perfumes;
  • Furniture.

This is not a complete list of goods imported to Ukraine, which in turn constantly exports abroad agricultural products, leather goods, ferrous metals, large metal structures, railway locomotives, tractors, products of the chemical and food industries and much more.

The importance of proper organization of international cargo transportation

Any enterprise carrying out import-export operations sooner or later faces the question of how to organize efficient cargo transportation from Europe to Ukraine and back. In this case, the following tasks must be solved:

  • Uninterrupted and timely deliveries;
  • Compliance with Ukrainian and international norms and standards;
  • Ensuring the safety of cargo and its consumer properties;
  • Minimizing logistics costs.

This can be achieved by having your own staff of qualified employees and a fleet of vehicles that meet international standards. But only large industrial enterprises, agricultural holdings and business structures can afford this. For most companies and organizations, the optimal solution is the cargo delivery service from Europe, which can be ordered by contacting one of the companies specializing in this field of activity.

Here it is important to choose the right carrier; it must be reliable, proven, have a positive reputation, and be ready to solve the most complex and non-standard problems. In Ukraine, one of the largest cargo transport enterprises is Grand Logistics Company, operating on the market since 2007.

The company's logisticians have extensive experience and their own experience in organizing processes international cargo transportation. Plus, having our own fleet of vehicles and a well-developed material and technical base allows us to solve any problems. Cargo transportation from Europe is carried out by various modes of transport - automotive, by air, railway, water, if necessary used multimodal transportation (combined). The latter option is especially relevant when groupage cargo is delivered, as well as to those countries where it is not possible to deliver products by water transport.

To effectively organize the process, logisticians must take into account the nature of the cargo (weight, volume, dimensions, packaging), route, urgency of delivery, the presence of special requirements (for example, compliance with a certain temperature regime or standards and conditions when transporting dangerous goods), additional services, what method of transportation and mode of transport will be used, time of year and weather conditions. All this affects the final cost of cargo transportation in Europe.

Another important point is the proper execution of accompanying documentation!

There are often cases when, due to an incorrectly filled out TTN or customs declaration, the delivery time for products increases significantly, which is simply not acceptable for some groups of goods. Therefore, documentary support and customs brokerage services should also be provided by qualified specialists. That is why the demand for a full range of services for the delivery of goods to Europe has been constantly growing in recent years. This approach guarantees timely delivery, cargo safety, compliance with all norms and laws, and is also cost-effective.


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