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Spain has been one of the largest economic partners of Ukraine for many years. Building materials, automotive products, household chemicals, industrial equipment, food and much more are traditionally delivered to our country from Spain. Ukraine, in turn, is the largest supplier of agricultural products to this country, where the main part in percentage terms is corn and other crops, as well as vegetable oil. In addition, every year a fairly large number of Ukrainians draw up a residence permit here, conclude labor contracts, and go to study. All this contributes to an increase in demand for trucking to Spain. In Ukraine, you can order a full range of turnkey services by contacting Grand Logistics Company.

What goods do we deliver from Spain

Our company has a fairly large fleet of vehicles. In addition, we have partnerships with many well-known logistics organizations in Ukraine and outside the country. This allows you to select the most suitable mode of transport for each specific order. With this approach, experts GLC are ready to organize cargo transportation from Spain for almost any product. Most often we order delivery:

  • Industrial equipment;
  • food products;
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Medical products;
  • Computer and electronic equipment;
  • Building materials;
  • light industry products;
  • Compound feed, grain crops and other agricultural products;
  • Oversized and heavy cargo.

In order for the delivery of goods to Spain to be as efficient as possible, you need to choose the right transport and mode of transportation.

What methods of delivery of products from Spain to Ukraine can be ordered

Due to the favorable geographical location, the delivery of goods from Spain to Ukraine can be carried out by all means of transport.

  1. Sea vessels. It is considered one of the most affordable options for transporting large volumes of a wide variety of goods. It can be refrigerated and container transportation, delivery of bulk and bulk products, oversized structures, groupage cargo, products packed on pallets and other types of palletized containers. The major port cities of Spain are Barcelona, Malaga, Vigo, Bilbao, Algeciras, Palma de Mallorca and some others.
  2. Trucks. This method is the most common, as it has a minimum of restrictions and allows you to deliver small, medium and relatively large volumes of various goods to almost any location in Spain and Ukraine. This transportation option makes it possible to carry out cargo transportation according to the “door to door” scheme, without intermediate transshipments.
  3. By rail. A variety of types and types of railway cars allows you to transport a variety of goods. Among the key advantages of this method are precise adherence to the schedule, large volumes, and a high degree of security. But there are also a number of disadvantages here - the need to reload into wagons adapted to the European standard or to replace wheel sets, and this takes time and additional costs, the second disadvantage is a rather long and relatively complicated process of issuing accompanying documents, and the third - not all settlements have railway line. That's why rail transportation are mainly used for large industrial enterprises or as part of combined (multimodal) deliveries.
  4. Airfreight - the fastest option to deliver an urgent cargo, or goods with a limited shelf life and sale, but also the most expensive. There is also a great dependence on flight schedules, directions and weather conditions.

Advantages of cooperation with Grand Logistics Company

The company has been operating in the field of domestic and international logistics since 2007. During this time, she managed to establish herself as a responsible and reliable partner who is able to solve the most complex tasks. This is achieved thanks to the work of qualified specialists with their own time-tested developments, an integrated approach to solving tasks, the presence of a developed material and technical base and a focus on meeting all the needs of the company's customers in the field of cargo transportation services.



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