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Freight transport services are very common and in demand. The demand for them is constantly growing, along with this, the number of logistics companies is also increasing. When choosing a carrier, it is important not to make a mistake, and choose the most reliable one, so as not to worry about the safety and integrity of the transported goods in the future.

Basic selection rules

Transport companies, in their descriptions, usually indicate general information, which does not differ much from that posted on the websites of similar organizations. This is a standard list of services, approximately the same prices, the promise of fast delivery and reliability. But as practice shows, many customers remain dissatisfied with the quality of services, and next time they are looking for another organization or a private carrier.

You can avoid such disappointment if you pay attention to the following points at the stage of contacting the logistics company:

  • Attentiveness of the manager or logistician accepting the order;
  • Compliance with the technical parameters of the submitted transport (for example, body volume and load capacity);
  • Compliance with the final cost and the one that was originally announced;
  • Compliance with the terms of supply of transport and delivery.

If at least one of these points is not observed, then it is better not to take risks and contact another more reliable company.

When choosing a carrier, you need to be guided by the following rules.

  1. Carefully check the reputation of the company, how many years it has been working in the freight transportation market, study the reviews of people who have used the services. It’s good if it is a third-party resource, and not the site of the organization itself.
  2. Clarify the availability of licenses and other permits. This is especially true if you are planning international cargo transportation or work with dangerous goods.

3. Opportunities to provide services in various ways. For example, Grand Logistics Company delivers various types of cargo including, perishable, dangerous, oversized, especially valuable, prefabricated, automotive, railway, water and by air. This also makes it possible to combine different methods in order to optimize the process as much as possible.

4. To study the possibilities of the company's vehicle fleet and whether it is possible to choose the most suitable vehicle option.

5. Find out if the transport company provides additional services - insurance, customs brokerage, preparation and documentary support during import-export operations, rental of special equipment and others.

6. Geography of activity.

7. Analyze the price offers of similar enterprises and compare pricing methods. It can be a fixed rate or individual offers for each specific case.

Logistic company Grand Logistics Company is one of the largest transport companies providing a full range of services for the delivery of goods in Ukraine and to the countries of near and far abroad. Qualified logisticians are always ready to choose the most suitable type of cargo transportation, type of transport and the best route. This is done taking into account all important factors, ranging from the nature of the cargo, its mass and volume, and ending with a guarantee of its safety and integrity and compliance with special conditions, for example, maintaining the desired temperature regime, time and speed of movement, and so on. Delivery of goods from GLC - it is always safe, reliable and profitable from a financial point of view!


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